At the end of the Eighties, with the suppression of the Ministry of Tourism, the management of the Italian tourism promotion was entrusted to the local autonomies with the transformation of the tourism promotion bodies (ept) into autonomous companies (apt). In 1989 the apt of the province of Trento launched a competition for the creation of the territorial logo in order to coordinate its communication activities; the territorial logo represents the entire “Trentino system” made up of people, companies, local communities, territorial and environmental heritage, traditions and history. The competition was won by Massimo Dolcini of Pesaro with the proposal of the butterfly seen from above, suitable for communicating the concept of an outdoor holiday, composed of typically mountain colors and positioned on the logotype composed in capital letters.

In 1990 a two-tone version was also planned with the slogan “recharge of life”. This logo was considered generic and lacking in recalling the winter season and high mountains; it was necessary to break away from the limiting concept of a typically summer vacation.

In 2002, another public competition was launched for the logo with specific constraints: to establish a historical continuity with the past, a stylistic evolution of design was required, that is, to innovate without upsetting. The competition was won by Giancarlo D’Orsi from Rome; for the restyling of the letters of the logo, the designer referred to the tradition of the first advertising posters of Trentino in the 1940s as in the poster by Franz J. Lenhart of 1947. The letters were designed with different heights so as to obtain an evident reference to natural horizons of the Trentino landscape. The butterfly has been stylized with the “outline” solution and tilted to give it dynamism but, above all, to recall the shape of the province’s territory; this ensured continuity with the previous logo, acquiring greater impact and visibility. The composition through geometric spaces allows you to focus attention on the two essential elements of the logo, allowing their mutual enhancement.

In 2009, after seven years of use, the need to revisit the logo was highlighted to overcome some critical issues related to legibility (the logo was not wanted to occupy only a third of the entire surface of the brand) and the consequent flexibility of application; in particular, in a constantly evolving media context and with competing territorial logos, it was impossible to separate, without making them recognizable, the two elements of the logo (butterfly and lettering). The restyling of the logo was entrusted to the Minale & Tattersfiled agency in London; in the new composition the logo, with the angular character and the irregular alignment of the letters, communicates the idea of a multifaceted territory that has its salient features in the lakes, valleys, woods and peaks of the Dolomites; this is also evidenced by the different colors of the individual letters, from light green to deep blue.