The consolidated and continuous collaborations are the basis of the in-depth analysis and enhancements of the Italian graphic stories.



In 1986 Raffaele Fontanella and Maurizio Di Somma set up the “R&M Associati Grafici” studio. Professional members AIAP “Italian association of designers for visual communication” from 1989 to 2002; Raffaele Fontanella held the position of national proboviro and regional councilor of Campania. In 1991 they were invited to participate in the 1992 edition of the “Visual Desk” calendar of Nava Design in Milan. In 1995 they participated in the creation of the official manifesto for the “G7” in Naples. That year, Marcello Cesar, first an illustrator and then a graphic designer, joined the studio. In 1997 they held graphic design courses on behalf of AIAP Campania. In 1999 in the competition for the “Manifesto Dissenso” (Matera) they received a special mention. In 2000 the studio won the competition for the brand of the “Polo Universitario Grossetano”. In 2001 they teach graphic design at the Higher Institute of Design (Naples). In 2003 the studio won the competition for the “Italian Dame Federation” trademark. The studio is increasingly specializing in the design of the brand and its applications, creating visual identity manuals for companies and organizations. They conducted a historical-graphic documentary research on the evolution, change and restyling of the main Italian brands, creating the book “How brands change” (Ikon Editrice, 2003, Milan). Since 2004 the studio has been regularly attended by interns in the Industrial Design course of the Faculty of Architecture of the “Luigi Vanvitelli”; their graphic production appears in national and international publications.


DOMENICO armatore

Founder of the Liqueedo agency, part of the Tun2U group. He began his professional career after a master in Communication and digital media at the IlSole24Ore Business School, arriving at We Are Social in Milan where he works as an account and social media manager. After experience in the agency, he decides to work first as a freelance and then found Liqueedo. To date he has worked with brands such as IKEA, Fiorucci, Parmalat, Wind, Cariparma, Unicredit, Galatine and many others. He is a professor of social media marketing at the IUAD in Naples. He is a member of ADCI.