In addition to its institutional mission, the Museum offers various services for updating and preserving the Italian graphic history.

1.Temporary museum

For universities, graphic design schools, museums, companies, foundations, public institutions, embassies, Italian cultural institutes, the Italian Brand Museum designs the exhibition linked to the graphic evolution of the main Italian brands. In relation to the required editorial line, it is possible to design it only with brands linked to various issues such as food, motors, fashion, the public sector (being able to exhibit insights such as packaging, documents, testimonials).

2.brand history

For interested companies and public bodies, the Italian Trademark Museum aims to reconstruct the history of the brand and corporate communication, to inventory the archive documents, to recover documentary and iconographic material from external sources, to interview the designers involved, to document the anniversaries and awards, to set up the company museum in order to deepen and enhance all the historical documentation.

3.brand literature

The Italian Trademark Museum oversees the design and implementation of the institutional monograph of the private or public company, linked to the various events from its origins to its consolidation. This monograph is the expression of the entrepreneurial essence or public action and represents the best known tool of storytelling management, to communicate its values by helping to form the “brand reputation” that the market or the citizen requires.

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