After the war, the Caberlotto family, one of the historic families of the Venetian footwear district, founded the “Caber” company for the production of plastic ski boots, which until then had been made of leather; this denomination, with only the initial part of the surname, had the advantage of being an easily memorized word and of having a foreign sound which, at the time, did not hurt.

The first trademark of 1963 depicted a festoon with calligraphic writing and a shield with a crown and the letters FC (Caberlotto Brothers); in 1971 the brand became more concise with the lowercase logo and the initial letter “C” inside the tip of the skis. In 1974 the company was sold to the American Spalding group; in 1981 the logo changed with more decisive lettering and the writing “ski boots” was also present.

In 1973 the three Caberlotto brothers (Alberto, Giovanni and Sergio) founded the “Lotto Sport” company in Montebelluna (Treviso) using the final part of the surname and superimposing two lozenges: in particular this first brand was the synthesis of a football field and one for tennis, that is, it immediately indicated the sports to which footwear production should be directed. Clearly from this graphic game the initial letters “L” of the name were also highlighted but upside down. The logo was blue in lowercase with a serif font.

Starting from 1968, tennis had become “open” and since then amateurs were able to access the most prestigious tournaments, previously reserved for professionals, and, above all, they could enter into commercial agreements with brands. Thus was born the “signature” business, shoes produced by famous brands that were signed by the strongest players of the time; in 1975 Lotto signed John Newcombe, the 3-time Wimbledon champion, and together they created one of the first tennis shoes. Although the company originally produced tennis shoes, it then began to market footwear, clothing and accessories for other sports (basketball, volleyball, athletics and football) but also for leisure. It produced football boots for the goalkeeper Dino Zoff, the shirts of the big clubs and the Italian and international national football teams.

In 1999, with the aim of enhancing the strengths of the brand (dynamism, innovation, quality, made in Italy design and passion for sport) but also to respond to the evolution of the market, the first restyling of the brand was carried out with the white graphic sign on a red square and the white logo, now more stylized, inside a black rectangle.

In 2018, for the 45th anniversary of its foundation, the brand changed, becoming more minimal, confirming the graphic sign but with the logo, now in capital letters, all black.