Born in Alba (Cuneo) in 1937, his vocation for design matured after the years spent in art studies and those related to the degree course in Architecture in Milan. It is a landing that reflects a personality inclined to express and affirm his own creative abilities in a sector, that of consumer products, where the designer’s consultancy was considered a luxury to be allocated to a few “special series”.

He was initially interested in the design of semi-durable goods and then focused his attention on “one-way” objects, inventing what he called “disposable design” at the time. His intervention sanctions the birth of packaging in Italy by launching this particular specialization of corporate communication, an essential support for marketing strategies in consumer goods.

His training is evidenced by the experiences gained in various prestigious communication agencies: in the “packaging design” department of the English agency Lintas as coordinator, at European level, of the brands and products of the Anglo-Dutch multinational Unilever; with the relationship maintained with the Institute of Packaging of the “Container Corporation of America” on the side of the creation and production of their containers.

In 1965 he founded his first advertising agency in Milan; in 1991 it assumed the name of “Gio Rossi Associati Spa” while since 1998 it has been part of the multinational network “FutureBrand”. Gio Rossi died in Milan in 2019.