It was 1945 when in the “Officine Meccaniche Eden Fumagalli” in Monza (Milan), manufacturers of tools for high precision machine tools, the first all-Italian washing machine with the name “Candy”, the Anglicism of Italian bleaching, saw the light. The company entered Italian industrial history when Eden Fumagalli, together with his sons Enzo, Niso and Peppino, specialized in the production of washing machines, making household appliances the center and strength of their business.

A few years later the washing machine became fully automatic and Candy proceeded with great strides on the path of innovation; over time you will be the protagonist of acquisitions and leadership positions in the world. The first logo was designed in 1945 when the company was founded; it underwent slight changes in both 1948 and 1957 and remained in use until the mid-1960s when a new capitalized logo was introduced.

In 1970 the old logo was reused without the rectangle and, in 1983, it was updated to highlight the different sectors of activity: refrigerators, kitchens, washing machines. Then in 1993 the logo of 1957 was recovered.

In 2000, as part of a repositioning process, the logo was capitalized with the evident letter “C”. The new Candy logo, designed by Maurizio Di Robilant, is the sign of innovation in tune with the spirit of the times.