The history of Iveco, a leading logo in the industrial vehicle sector, must be traced back to 1975 when the merger of the 5 founding brands was recorded: the French “Unic”; the Italian companies “Fiat Veicoli Industriali”, “OM” and “Lancia Veicoli Speciali”; the German “Magirus Deutz”. The original group was expanded in 1986 with the English “Ford Trucks”, in 1990 with the Spanish “Pegaso” and in 1996 with “Iveco Fiat” from the Brazilian market. The word “Iveco” was born as an acronym for “Industrial Vehicles Corporation”. The fundamental objective of the new company was the integration of partner logos into a single entity capable, on a European basis, of accelerating the industrial process of rationalization, automation and flexibility of production processes. Another objective was to ensure a concrete contribution to the development of an industry with a European vocation that is profitable and competitive on international markets. The change process has affected every aspect of the organization, including the visual identity that has been evolving with the progress of the integration process.

The choice for the new logo fell on the initial letter of the name, inserted diagonally in a blue square along with the compound word in uppercase Gill. For some years the logos of the companies coexisted with the Iveco logo. Then, at the end of this process, they coincided with only the Iveco logo which was imposed on all the communication events.

The logo underwent a first restyling in 1977, perhaps due to the illegibility of the logotype in the strong reductions: the new declination provided only for the logo accompanied by the logotype of the same height.

In 1979 the Iveco logo was designed with original characters and rounded edges; the logo was first proposed with the restyled version of the logo and then, in 1980, alone. The project team was headed by Riccardo Felicioli; the corporate identity was directed by Giovanni Brunazzi with the art direction of Paolo De Robertis and the graphic designer of Carlo Malerba. In 1984 Piero De Macchi designed the institutional font for the names of all the concessionaires.

In 2010, a graphic restyling resulted in a slight expansion of the spaces between the letters as well as the adoption of the medium blue colour.

In 2023 a new logo is adopted to reiterate the continuous propensity for change and innovation; the logotype presents the letters, all black, more square and compact while the central element of the letter “E” stands out in medium blue.