Historical logo of ice cream in Italy, the Algida industry was founded in Rome in 1946 by Italo Barbiani, a former worker of the Fassi Gelateria, and by the engineer Alfredo Vieni. The latter participated in the resistance by collaborating with the allied troops and the Red Cross; at the end of the war the allies gave him two machines to produce ice cream. Thanks to the innovative industrial ice cream production system he introduced for the first time in Italy, Algida became a leader in this sector. The company “Algida, frozen food industry” had as its corporate purpose the “wholesale of frozen fruit, manufacture and wholesale of ice cream”. The term álgida, with the accent on the first “a”, derives from the Latin “algidus” which means cold. The first logo consisted of a shield in which the name of the company lived and a snow crystal.

In 1951 Enzo Mazzilli created a new logo characterized by an ascending sinusoid that separated the two colors; applied to the first packaged ice cream counters, it represented the symbol of an era. In 1960 there was also a version of the logo without the frame and with the slogan in white. Yellow and brown were the basic colors associated with the traditional flavors of ice cream: cream and chocolate. During the full economic boom, the Algida achieved great notoriety; in 1967 the logo was slightly modified: the logotype made up of a stick and the rounding of the sides confirming the originality of the shape and colors.

A new logo was designed in 1983 by Bob Noorda: it featured the orange sun as a central element and the yellow lettering in perspective with brown outlines. This expressed the synthesis of Álgida’s peculiar values: the values of summer, freedom and holidays. The unstoppable race towards market globalization breaks down the borders between individual countries and for this reason the need was felt to take a common position in the different realities of the individual markets.

Therefore, in 1998, the only logo that mimicked a famous slogan of the Álgida croissant, namely “cream heart”, designed by Carter Wong Design of London, was developed worldwide. In fact, the logo represents a stylized double heart formed by the same red line that moves in a spiral with a yellow background; the colors are those of summer but also of the heat from which you can get relief by enjoying Algida ice creams. The logotype is made with a blue calligraphic font; in 2003 the new restyling with the replacement of the only character of the logo, the ITC Kabel.